What Have You Done . . . ?

Recently I read an inspiring blog post (find it here) that reminded me of how fleeting life is, and how easily I let my limited time on earth get consumed with the trivial. Every day, every moment, we have a choice:

waste time, or use it for something that matters

The “something that matters” can be something that matters to the world or just something that matters to you. 

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The fact is, each of us has 24 hours–and only 24 hours–in each day. We choose (we really do) how to fill those 24 hours. Whether we fill them with a job–meaningful or otherwise–or television or shopping or surfing the ‘net or . . . we make that choice. If we reach the end of our life without having accomplished our dreams, that will have been our choice. 

I can't achieve my dream today. But I
can do something, take some tiny little step, toward achieving it. And if I do, then I'm at least that tiny bit closer to seeing my dream come true.

I encourage you to read the post at
Seekerville. It's written specifically to writers, but its truths apply to you no matter what your dreams might be. 

After reading it and thinking about it a bit, please come back here and share with us your answer to this question from that post:

What have you done today to make your dreams come true?

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