The Productive Woman 012 – 10 Indispensable Productivity Tools [podcast]

_podcastTemplateEvery woman is unique, and her life and schedule and style are unique. So there's no such thing as one right way to manage your life or time, and there are no tools that work for everyone. Every woman develops the system that works for her, and we can learn from each other by sharing what works (and what doesn't.

In this episode I share 10 of the tools and resources I find most helpful. I hope you'll find something you can use. I talk about:

  1. My smart phone, and all the ways I use it. (Hint: I am loving my new iPhone 6 !)
  2. How a carefully kept calendar keeps me on track. (Check out Busy Cal for the Mac and Calendars 5 for iPhone or iPad.)
  3. Why I carry a reasonably sized purse, and what I keep in it.
  4. Post-It Notes.
  5. A comprehensive project and task manager — I use OmniFocus.
  6. Good old-fashioned legal pads.
  7. A timer. (I love the Timer on Fire app on my iPad.)
  8. The Kindle app.
  9. Getting Things Done, by David Allen.
  10. My ScanSnap S1500M scanner by Fujitsu.

Your turn: Will you try one of the tools I talked about? Or can you suggest something that works for you? I'm especially interested in hearing about Windows- based or Android alternatives to some of the apps I talked about. Please share your tips and thoughts in the comments.


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