We Fear Change

Okay, maybe you don't fear change. But I do. I like predictability. I'm a planner, and I like to know what to expect.

But of course that means that when something unexpected happens, I tend to react . . . poorly.

As part of my determined effort this year to be more positive (as a means to being more happy), I have been thinking a lot about how I react to change, to unexpected events. I continue to struggle to put a positive spin on things that throw a monkey wrench into my comfortable plans, but I'm sure trying.


During my commute this morning I listened to an episode of one of my favorite podcasts, Back to Work, in which a couple of really smart (and pretty nerdy) guys talk about a variety of subjects that interest me, such as productivity and communication. This podcast probably wouldn't be everybody's cup of tea, but I find them interesting and usually pretty funny.

Back to Work logoToday's episode, though, surprisingly hit me right where I live. One of the hosts, Merlin Mann, talked about his initial reaction to being selected for jury duty–it was going to mess up his life for a couple of weeks, and he was not happy. But he went on to use this event as an example of a different way to react to events that disrupt your life. He gave me a new way to think about change that I think will really help me going forward.

If you struggle with finding positive ways to look at the disruptions and unexpected crises of life, I encourage you to listen to this episode of Back to Work. (The really good stuff starts several minutes in, so please keep listening past the opening minutes, which probably are funny only to those of us who listen to the podcast regularly.)

If you listen to the podcast, please come back here and leave a comment telling me what you think. Either way, how do you feel about change? Do you love it? Fear it? Resent it? How do you cope with unexpected events?
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