The Productive Woman 001 – Starting the Journey [podcast]

_podcastTemplateWelcome to the first official episode of The Productive Woman. In this episode I share a little about who this podcast is for, why I created it, what I'll be covering, and what the format will be. I also offer a little information about myself, so you can decide whether you think I'm someone you want to spend half an hour or so with each week.

Tip of the Week – Learn about the importance of good, secure passwords in protecting sensitive information in your online life, and what constitutes best practices in creating and using passwords.

More information available in this article: How Secure Is Your Password?

Tool of the Week – What is a password manager, and how can it make your life easier?



One of my favorite techy podcasts, Mac Power Users, did a whole episode earlier this year on 1Password and password security. If you want an in-depth discussion, check it out at Mac Power Users Episode 173.

Thanks to my amazing husband Mike for creating and recording the theme music for The Productive Woman.

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