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fun site with reviews and recommendations
for technology to make your life easier


Tons of info about how to use
Evernote to organize your life


Simple Mom
inspirational ideas on
simplifying your life


My Book Therapy
a supportive, informative, and inspiring
online community for novelists

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My Book Therapy




WOW! Women on Writing

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My Macs
iMac and MacBook Pro
15” retina screen


My iPad
indispensible, especially for people who travel. I use the iPad mini, and take it everywhere with me


ScanSnap S1500M
easy-to-use desktop scanner that I’m
using to move toward a more paperless lifestyle




cannot live without this virtual filing cabinet; syncs across all platforms and allows sharing


a million uses, including the best way to save documents you create in one place but need to edit somewhere else


an amazing $45 app (free trial) for writers


the Cadillac of task management apps; I have it on my Macs, my iPad, and my iPhone, so can access my projects and to-do lists no matter where I am. Pricey, but worth it for someone with a lot of irons in the fire


save web articles for reading later; syncs across all platforms, so my saved articles are anywhere I might be


easy, useful tool for scheduling posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others

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Specifically for Writers

I am amazed at the generosity of so many literary agents and writers who share truly helpful and encouraging information in their blogs. I follow several of them, but some of my favorites are:




Particularly for Women

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I read a LOT and have very eclectic tastes. From time to time I review books on my blog, so you can see some of my recommendations there. In addition, here are a few books I recommend




Too many to name, but here are some long-time favorites as well as some recent reads I’ve really loved:


noticeI sometimes recommend a specific product—maybe a software program, an e-reader, a book, an app, or a gadget. In most cases I have purchased these products myself. Occasionally I receive a free review copy. I do not accept payment to write nice things about a product, and I do not write positive reviews of a book because I got my copy free or because I know the author. If I recommend something, it’s because I really do like it. Also, please note that my positive review of a particular product is not an endorsement of the person or company that produces it.