Do Working Mothers Have to Pay a "Mommy Penalty"?

My experience as a working mother/attorney is different from many other women, because (a) I went to law school and started practicing law in my late 30s, after I'd already given birth to my five children and (b) I have a husband who was willing and able to change his career path to work at/from home while our children were younger and to take over a whole lot of the tasks that traditionally fall to the wife/mother (and that I handled when I was home fulltime before going to law school). I try to factor that in when I read articles talking about the disparity in income, etc., for working women — because I haven't experienced that disparity personally. This short article gives food for thought, and some worthwhile advice for young women navigating the work life/home life maze. I'd love to hear thoughts from other working moms in response to this piece: Working Mother: Minimizing the Mommy Penalty