Frustration. . . .

Why is it that the only time my brain shuts off is when I sit down to write? All day my mind is humming in the background with thoughts and musings and ideas and . . . and the moment I open up the window for a new blog post . . . nothing. Nada. Zilch. Brain dead. Same when I sit down to work on my fiction writing project.

Aargh. How do you get past this?!?

Musing About the Day

Beautiful, but HOT day in north Texas. Enjoyed a fun visit from some friends we don't get to see often, then putzed around the house. I am so grateful to have such a beautiful property to retreat to on the weekends. Of course, I get to come home to it every night, but it's only on the weekends that I really get the chance to enjoy it — either admiring the view out the window of my home office, or — even better — experiencing it during my morning “run.” I love it here, and I'm thankful more and more that I get to call this place home.

Pondering today a bit the strange ways life works out — friends lost, friends found. You just never know where the next surprise will come from, do you?

Long Absence

I haven't posted here for a LONG time. Did I run out of things to say? My husband would say that's impossible. Maybe just figured nobody was listening. Everybody likes to be heard, right?

Who's listening to you? Or who do you wish was listening to you? If you had his/her undivided attention for five minutes, what would you say?

Random Stuff

Middle of July, summer half over. Mike's gone on his summer adventure to Alaska, so it's just Ashley, Sam, the animals, and me here on the farm. It's been a stressful summer so far. Lots to do at the office, trying to do my stuff and Mike's here at home. You'd think I'd have time to think about everything that's been happening this year, but I can't seem to gather my thoughts.

I wonder if it's just me feeling overwhelmed these days, or if there are others.