Back in the Saddle: Recovering from a Distractedly Busy Season

August has been a crazy month–busy at work, lots to do at home, and dealing with the emotions of getting my youngest child off to college. So a lot of my routines have gone by the wayside, including regular workouts and writing.

Sam's off to school, though, and my husband–who had been out of town all summer for work–is finally back home. It's still a busy season at the office, but it's time to get back into my regular routine, doing the things that are important to me. That includes writing and it includes working out. Both are important for my physical and my mental health.

Responding to a blog comment today had me re-reading something I posted earlier this year about why I run. I thought I'd remind you of it as well. You can read Why I Hate Running, and Why I Do It Anyway by clicking on the title there. Or by clicking here. 🙂

What routines or activities are most important to you? How do you feel when busy seasons in life interfere with the things that you do for yourself?

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