7 Blogs You Should Be Reading (if You’re a Mom)

In a previous post I shared a list of some of my favorite blogs. These are blogs that I think everybody should check out and most people will benefit from reading regularly. Their focus is relatively general, offering information relevant to most people's lives.

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Today I want to share another list of favorite blogs. These are more narrowly focused–they are particularly of value to moms (of varying stages of life). Most moms that I know will appreciate the blogs I recommended in that previous post (here), but the blogs below offer content especially targeted toward moms. If you're a mom (or expect to be at some point in the future), consider visiting–and subscribing to–one or more of the following:

  • The Gypsy Mama. Lisa-Jo says she thinks “motherhood should come with a super hero cape and a cheerleader.” In her blog, she transparently shares her thoughts about life as a mom and tries to be that cheerleader. She also offers a free e-book called The Cheerleader for Tired Moms, available at the blog.
  • Simple Mom. This one's written by Tsh Oxenreider, author of Organized Simplicity, a really helpful book that I reviewed here. (You can order it from Amazon by clicking on the image at the bottom of this post.) Tsh's objective, through her blog, her books, and her other Simple Living Media endeavors, is to help people live more simply. She offers lots of useful information and encouragement toward that end.
  • iHeart Organizing. Jen loves to think and write about home organization, and her blog gives you an inside look at the projects she undertakes at her own home, in addition to lots of tips you can put to use at yours. This one is fun because she includes lots of photos.
  • 4Word. Aimed particularly at working women (that is, those with employment outside the home–yes, I know that all moms work), this one offers encouragement and advice for women who work . . . love . . . pray.
  • Tricia Goyer's blog. Tricia is an author and speaker with a heart for moms. She blogs on a variety of topics, including writing as well as family-focused posts. She also broadcasts on an internet radio show. Information and links are available on her site.
  • Digitwirl. Hosted by Carley Knobloch, Digitwirl presents short weekly video broadcasts that introduce you to “killer tech tools that will keep you organized and simplify your life.” The Digitwirl team tests all sorts of devices and apps and websites and then shares their recommendations via these fun little video clips. Really useful info here.
  • BlogHerMoms. Articles by moms on lots of different topics of interest to moms. Quite a variety of perspectives; take it all with a grain of salt and your own good judgment.

The internet is awash with blogs aimed at women, some better and more useful than others. Of those blogs that specifically speak to moms, these are some that I enjoy, which isn't to say that I necessarily agree with everything they say. You can click on the blog titles above to visit them and see whether you like them.

Which blogs do you enjoy most? Leave a comment below with your recommendations so we can all check them out.

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