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One of the great things about the internet is accessibility to information. Anyone with a computer (or a smart phone or a tablet) and an internet connection can log on and find or share info on any subject in the world. Countless people have taken advantage of that opportunity by launching blogs on every topic and from every perspective imaginable. The upside: whatever you're interested in, there's a blog (or two or twenty) that covers it. The downside: wading through the plethora of blogs on any given topic can be an overwhelming task. Many of the blogs you'll find are badly written, full of useless (or just plain wrong) information, and/or little more than a sales pitch for the author's product or services.

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I could easily spend all day, every day, reading blogs. My RSS reader currently lists subscriptions to over 100 blogs. Thankfully, most of them don't post daily. I usually try to spend no more than 30 minutes daily scanning the titles in my reader and reading the posts that interest me.

Of the 100+ blogs in my reader, there are some that I make a point of reading almost daily. Here are a few blogs that I recommend you consider subscribing to:

  • Michael Hyatt's Intentional Leadership. If you're not in a formal leadership position, please don't assume this blog has nothing of interest to you. Chairman and former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers Michael Hyatt is a bestselling author and speaker who blogs on topics of interest to most of us, including productivity, social media, and life management. I've found his posts to be insightful, inspiring, and life-enhancing. I particularly enjoy when he shares the technology and systems that he uses in managing his busy life. It was on this blog that I was first introduced to Evernote and several other apps that form the foundation of my efforts to get my life under control. In addition to his written posts, Michael also produces weekly podcasts that are well done and informative.
  • Jeff Goins Writer. Jeff Goins is one of the most generous and encouraging bloggers on the ‘net. Although aimed primarily at writers and other creative types, his blog contains much of interest and value to people who don't think of themselves as creative. Jeff encourages his readers to pursue their dreams and openly shares what he knows about how to do so. If I could read only two blogs daily, the two would be Jeff's and Michael Hyatt's.
  • Stepcase Lifehack. If I could add a third blog to my daily reading, this would be it. Billing itself as “your daily digest on productivity and life improvements,” Lifehack publishes several short posts each day on a variety of life-enhancing topics in the categories of communication, lifestyle, management, money, productivity, and technology. The posts generally are either inspirational or practical–or both, usually including truly useful tips that you can put to use immediately to improve your life. Unlike the first two recommended blogs, Lifehack is not the work of a single writer. Instead, the Lifehack directors seek contributions from writers from a broad spectrum of specialties and perspectives. I'm proud to be one of their newest contributors, but I was a devoted reader long before I began writing for them.
  • Mary DeMuth's Live Uncaged. Multi-published author Mary DeMuth is a determined, devoted, and effective encourager. On her Facebook page, Mary says that she writes “so people don't feel alone anymore.” That purpose is reflected in her honest sharing of lessons that she's learned (and is learning) from life. Many times I've found myself nodding (and sometimes crying) as I've read her posts, grateful to find encouragement there from the fact that there are others who share my struggles. If you're a writer, you'll benefit from her posts on the writing life.
  • Lowering the Bar. This one is just for fun. Written by a practicing attorney, this blog offers hilarious commentary on court cases and legal escapades that will having you shaking your head at people's odd and sometimes downright stupid behavior. Just reading the author's bio and “comical yet binding disclaimer” pages will have you laughing out loud. I read this blog when I need a laugh, and it never disappoints.
  • Time Management Ninja. Just what it sounds like–this blog is a treasure trove of useful tips on time management. Written by Craig Jarrow and his talented guest posters, this blog's stated purpose is to help you “win the battle against wasted time, disorganization, and all other things evil.” Unless your life is always quiet, calm, and under control, you will find valuable information here.

I read and enjoy many great blogs, but these are some of my favorites. (Check my blog's right-hand sidebar for links to others.) I encourage you to check them out; then come back and let me know what you think. In the meantime, what blogs do you read regularly? What motivates you to subscribe to a blog (or at least return to it to read more)? Please share your recommendations in the comments below.


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